Thursday, November 25, 2021

Picking Threads

 The other day it occurred to me that I might be having trouble with Inversion involved a decision.  

I remember Maggie Stiefvater once shared that she went back and reread her work.  That sometimes the reason we are not moving forward might be a misstep with something we've written.  I paraphrase since its been sometime since I read her exact words but the sentiment resonated.

So I asked myself, looked within, thought about when the words came easy and streaming then when it halted.  

With my fic, ICRUM, and Inversion.  

Writing about Inversion the other day helped.  

And sometimes you don't need to go back.  You just need to acknowledge it.

Or both.  Sometimes both is valid too ^_^

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Inversion...a novel...

 A novel that I'm pseudo working on.

I won't say when I know for sure what I'm working on for Nano that it's full proof.  There's definitely something at play when I do have successful ones, i.e. last year when I hit 50k by 11/13 and had a completed first draft by the 21st then went on to write a short story or two.

This year I'm behind and I think there are a lot of reasons for that but to do so would be placing blame, maybe even making excuses.  

Even though I'm not putting words to paper and cranking things out, I am feeding my mind.  I am composing.  I am thinking through Inversion and the other stories I've worked on this year.  They are there happening and letting me peer into them.  When I sit down to the computer, however, I find myself looking at SNL clips, ear wax removal vids, jobs, and whatever else strikes me.

I've got a few books open too.  Reading.  Studying.  Analyzing.  Thinking through my narrative.  I think that's part of why the words are coming slow.  I've learned its better to not force anything so I'm going to see if this scene in my head wants to play nice.  If not, I'm okay to pick up and read a bit more.  

But at least I wrote today... not counting this toward my word count, but counting it as writing for the day ^_^

Last year's nano (printed it out the other day at the library) -

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Week 1 Inktober


Making a post so it hasn't technically been a year.  

Working on a few projects right now that I'm excited about.  

Cookies ^_^

Monday, October 26, 2020

Monday Motivation

 I recently posted this image as it's one of my favorite illustrations from my upcoming adult children's book, "Clifford's Baby".  

Every time I look at this I think, "you're getting better."  

Today it's cold and rainy.  Perfect weather to continue working on my #horrornovella eh?  

As I was sitting down to write, thinking about this post, the word 'loss' came to mind.  As did the word 'lost' and how one can become lost after a loss.  

I thought of this as I showered, appreciating the hot water, remembering what life was and how it's become.  

I'm still racking my mind around a recent loss.  Asking myself questions, wandering down different thoughts, and through it all looking at myself.  

When I put 'transform everything' on my vision board last year, I felt something then.  It's interesting the weight of things, something you thought was a tiny decision, a drop in the bucket, and watching it ripple versus the decisions you do give proper weight to.  

Everything's a choice.  

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Nearly a Year Later

I hadn't realized so much time had passed since I'd updated this site until I looked at the date of the last post this morning.  

Things currently going on:

- Goodreads giveaway for "Ned Finally Died"

- Working to circulate/have others add "Clifford's Baby" to their TBR

- Improve my craft with each book / write a better book with each one ... the #horrornovella

Here's to having a big writing day ^_^

Monday, October 28, 2019

Motivation Monday

October is nearly over and yesterday was a bit rough. Started off well with a great service, potluck, some great hugs and conversations. Felt like I’d received a second message in the parking lot as I spoke with someone. Did some inking and plotting at Panera. Spoke with the neighbor for a few hours and figured I’d spend the evening, which I did. But alas there was some trouble and what I’ve learned is take things as opportunities for personal growth. It’s hard work but it’s the way forward.

Sharing a vid that resonates this.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

$5 Tuesday Movie Review - Abonimable

Tuesday I caught a morning showing of "Abonimable"

And 4 out of 5 tears... No really.  I teared up about 3-4 times while watching this movie.  Perhaps I was just feeling sentimental or more open that morning but I cried within the first 5-10 minutes of the movie and then cried not too long after.  It actually reminded me of "Up", not so much with the montage of time passing and you seeing all the events but the fact I got hit with emotion so early on.

The scene which triggered me wouldn't be one you suspect either or maybe it is... it'd be interesting to get other's take but the scene where the mom just has this look, she's obviously knowing something is wrong and just has this look of defeat but you know she hasn't given up as she exits her Ye's room.  The next time I cried was listening to Ye play the violin and man, when music moves you... I for sure came to the conclusion that I need the soundtrack in my life or definitely plan on listening to the violin pieces when I'm writing for Nano 2019.

There were a couple parts where I got pulled out of the movie, one was when the Coldplay song came on.  It's a good song but something about it hadn't boded, felt cheesy, or out of place.  I get the sentiment and definitely love the song but for whatever reason I got pulled out/into my head during a couple scenes it played. 

And I loved Ye.  I related so much to the fact of "I still haven't even cried..." (I paraphrase) but anyone that's known a big loss may find this an access point they can relate to.

I appreciate the villain despite suspecting it early on, it was still interesting when the veil dropped. 

I am having a memory fail regarding the other characters at the moment but I enjoyed this movie and man did it make me think "okay, must visit China..."