Monday, January 22, 2018

... When All You Want To Do Is Sleep

This past weekend was a success as far as writing and for that I'm thankful that my friend even thought to challenge us into getting caught up with our word count.

The way the bet worked is that whoever wrote the most over the weekend won.  Granted I never learned what would be entailed if I lost.  However we created a safe zone of 10k.  Had they lost I planned on having them perform a Disney song (was thinking How Far I'll Go from Moana) but I had other songs in mind including having compose their own original Disney like song, lol.

At any rate after nearly writing 15k across the weekend, staying up until 3am doing some analysis for work I am tired.  However I worked out that I should aim for 3k each day but tonight I think I'll just satisfy myself with getting in maybe 500 words or so in so I can head to bed.

Though if today is any indicator for writing the rest of the week I'll likely be aiming for another 10k this coming weekend.  But I don't plan on slipping the rest of the week.  And if necessary I may take a day off.

I still need to get through my revision prep, since the plan is to complete #TLS this month and focus on TYW and Year Two for the next couple months.

My hopes/plan for this week:
- Add an additional 20k to #TLS over the course of the week
-Start POA doc
-Dedicate 2 hours to TYW revision prep / editorial map
-Work out/pay bills

At any rate I shall head off to try to get in.. 100 words, lol.  My ability to stay up is fading.

4/52 weeks

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Late Week 3 Post

This won’t be an incredibly long post but I didn’t want to break my chain of weekly updates thus far.

I’m still making steady progress with #TLS and I want to say a couple things emerged this week while writing however rather than give those things away I instead want to relay a hack I tried out this week in regard to my writing.

It’s nothing new by any means but it’s a trick I haven’t tried using until this week.  I had worked late on the 18th and by the time I got in and got everything in order there wasn’t much time to write.  Plus there were potatoes I needed to peel.  This was about 11 ish at night.  So the idea struck me to peel potatoes AND work on #TLS by using my Voice Memo feature on the phone.

I’d use this before while driving to quickly jot down a story idea but that was about it.  Well for about 16 minutes I peeled potatoes and talked, writing out a scene via memo.

So how many words can one speak into existence in 16 minutes?  I had guesstimated about 800 but then I remembered there were times when I lost my train of thought or gaps in time when I thought I’d just stopped talking.  And while there were moments such as those, at the end of the day I guessed MAYBE I’d managed 500 words in those 16 minutes.

Turns out it was closer to 1500.  Granted as I transferred those words to my document (which took me an hour to do because I didn’t talk as slow as I thought I was) and I did as to it as I wrote but most of the words came from that 16 minutes of audio.  So while it was an effective way of multitasking, it still took me about an hour to transfer it but still not bad and something I’ll definitely do again.

In other news I had my second float this week.  I’m thinking I’ll do it again this week but it’s so odd. I start off just hating the stillness of it all and asking myself why did I do this, I just want to go but at some point I eventually relax into it and come away thankful for that quiet moment.  However during this week’s float as I did really sink into there were a couple times my body just jolted.  And I had this idea it was probably because someone had probably texted/called me.  Sure enough I checked my phone after I was out the tank to see I did receive a call.  I think it disrupted the spiritual calm, lol.

Well I’m off to try to get caught up with #TLS.  Have a challenge with a friend and we’re both behind but right now they are doing better than me with the ‘catch up this weekend’ goal.

I’se out


Monday, January 8, 2018

A Week into Ze New Year - Progress Report

I've accomplished all my goals!!!!!

In real news it's been a productive first week.  I'm ahead of my word count (as far as where I should be if I want to hit 150k for the year) however I'm behind if my aim is to get to 60k for #TLS (for the month).  I got in a little over 2k in for the day so yay for that!

I'd like to have a big writing day (like maybe 5-10k) but I'm about to break from #TLS to work on some revision exercises for the TYW now.  My goal is to put 60 hours toward revision for it and so far I think I've only managed 3 :(  So I'm taking a break to make this update before I launch into reading and note taking.

Not too much going on.  I still haven't found a book that captures my interest.  I did recently pick Cinder back up.  I started reading it years ago and got to page 93 then stopped so I'm trying to give it another go.

So the task this week will involve getting myself into something, finding a book that holds my attention.  I'm also hoping to report next week to be at or near 25k with #TLS and at 15 hours of work toward the TYW.

Speaking of the TYW I'm positive once I finish the second draft I'll shop it around for feedback but I'll likely need to revise my timeline for when I'll push it.  Trying for an April release might not be feasible.  August has come to mind or possibly Fall (maybe October or November).  Still noodling on that.

One thing I'll need whenever I do get to revise #TLS is a blank notebook to sort out all these character's and POVs.  I'm giving my self freedom to go with whatever my mind is coming up with and it's' been interesting thus far.  I started the day by capturing a few tidbits about #TLS like a log line, character(s) I like; what I envision the ending to be, location, and my beginning.  Right now #TLS is the first novel I've ever written in no chronological order intentionally.  The POV shifts as well as the scene and the associated timing, it's all over the place.

At any rate I suppose I'll wrap this up.  I did have two vivid dreams last night, one I figured was in relation to #TLS and the other involved my GA peach.  I wrote them both down but thinking about the dream, about her does make me a bit sad in the fact that there was some awareness in the dream that the moment I was having with her was limited and I needed to take advantage of the fact that she was there.

Okay I'se done.  LOL, I also hope to report back on a planned Float I have this Wednesday too ^_^


Monday, January 1, 2018

The Official 2018 Goals/Intetions Post

I feel like I need to include "official" in there now :)

So before I get started with my writing goals for today, planning to do at least 2k toward #TLS or Year Two and then about 30-60 on revisions for Three Year War I wanted to jot down some goals/intents for this year.

Last year I wrote down a lot (in the hopes of giving myself the ability to accomplish them).  This year I want to bring it down a bit. 

For 2018...

1.  Complete the revision of "The Three Year War"
2.  Self Publish another project
3.  Write the first draft of "#TheLastStop"
4.  Write 150k (or more) for the year
5.  Blog once a week (going for an over 80% success rate)... trying this one again
6.  Write 6 short stories
7.  Complete read through of "The Magician's Order" ... trying this one again as well
8.  Travel to three new places
9.  Read 25 books
11.  Reduce debt - Pay off 2 loans or store/credit cards
12.  "Just Because" act of kindness each month
13.  Put 3k into Savings (and not touch it)
14.  Complete a house project (i.e. flooring for one room, garden for spring, organize office, etc) .. rolling this one over too since there's a lot to do still, lol
15.  Once a week health focus (ex: Ensuring I go for half hour walk; 3-5 servings of fruits/veggies; 5-10 minute mindful meditation)

And I'm off to get in some writing so I can resume my New Girl s6 binge ^_^

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 Resolutions Update

So I managed to do about 8 ish goals this past year.  Yay for getting some in.

I gave my self some partial credit (things in yellow if I came close).  I like to think I had my own sort of retreat when I decided to write during my leave. 

And I think I did watch 20 films, I just can't be sure if were documentaries.  I know I recently watched Monkey Kingdom, watched I Am Not Your Negro, but can't think of any others at this point. 

1.  Completion of the third draft of "Montgomery's Diary"
2.  Completion of the fourth draft of "Montgomery's Diary" (since I'm sure there will be one)
* I should note that in between 1-2 there's the task of BETA and revisions
3.  Write the first draft of "Redemption"

4.  Write 500 words per day
5.  Blog once a week (going for an over 80% success rate)
6.  Write 10 short stories
7.  Complete read through of "The Three Year War"
8.  Complete read through of "The Magician's Order"
9.  Publish Montgomery's Diary [and provide/give copies to friends & coworkers]
10.  Participate in retreat (preferably a writing one)
11.  Swim in Thailand (here's to making a trip back to Thailand this year)
12.  Travel to two new places
13.  Read 45 books
14.  Learn something new
15.  Watch 20 films (of which 5 should be documentaries)
16.  Complete a weekend writing challenge (15k)
17.  Add 10k to an open project (i.e. Year Two, Justice, The Last Stop, Forever Young, etc...)
18.  Save (pay yourself first) a minimum of $10 or 5% per pay period
19.  Reduce debt - pay off 3 of the 8 store/credit cards (preferably Cap1 and WM)
20.  Complete a house project (i.e. flooring for one room, garden for spring, organize office, etc)

At any rate I think for 2018 I'll par this list a bit down but still keep some on there (like traveling). 

NYE 2017... The Wrap Up

Dear 2017,

You are not a perfectly closed out year with a ribbon tie.  Nor where the years that preceded you. 

You are a reflection of another year of growth. 

You were the first year without her. 

You were remarkable.

I look at my resolutions from earlier this year and I wonder where did the time go.  Did I not do as much as I should to make the year feel like more?  But I did.  There were a lot of first:
- Went to PR (first time there)
- Traveled to LV w/ my mother (our first trip together)
- Self published my first novel
-Road trip to Maine (first time there) with friends
-Attended an open mic and read a poem
-Solo trips (to movies, museums, concerts, and exploring)

In trying to be a better me I also worked on the relationships and those in my life.  I questioned relationships, I questioned who I was in relation to them, I reflected on who I was because of it and I made decisions based on that. 

I learning/still learning what it means to love from a distance.  Who my teachers are and what are the lessons that come my way.  I am recognizing things about  me that I hope see improvement as I continue on this journey called life.  I am grateful for those who have shown me my strengths and weaknesses.  I am glad to be in a mindset that makes me open to seeing a situation for what it is and working on the parts of me that need it.  But in doing so I'm still able to love me for me and come more into my authentic self. 

Because she's coming. 

Love you 2017 :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Today's Reflection: August 28, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by the letter Boob.  Boob is a letter.  I dare you to argue otherwise.  Boob.  Booooooob. Words that start with the letter boob - booba, boobska, boobski.  Used in a sentence - Boobska facts were presented to the opposing attorney. 


So I forgot to post this last week but I hadn't realized Kindle had paid me for sales of MD.  It wasn't a whole lot but it's pretty cool to make money off one's work. 

Not too much going on other than I plan on going to bed at a decent time tonight.  After I logged off yesterday I wound up watching "Insecure" and was pretty darn tired getting up this morning. 

I haven't gotten much writing in today, been tired all day.  Though I took a pretty nice nap during my lunch break in my car, had the windows down and it was warm, didn't help I had on jeggings and a black dress but when that breeze would come through ooooooeeeeee ^_^

I'm also finally on Season 5 of GOT.  Lots of death, one character's death did pull on the strings a bit but I still have yet to have the feels I did for a particular death in S1.  I'm probably going to chill on GOT for the rest of the evening in order to tidy up some ideas I had for Redemption that I want to incorporate.  I wrote a lot yesterday but still much to go.

Also I really want to go somewhere this Fall.  Not sure if I'll be able to swing it but haven't given up yet. 

I'se outtie.