Sunday, May 6, 2018

New Lync Short Story

I've been slowly working on TYW again.  I think part of my laziness with my editing/revision process is creating index cards knowing that my other laptop (with Scrivener) had this done already.  Biting the bullet and doing it anyway.

I also hadn't realized I didn't make one entry in April -_-  There were some notable things that happened both happy and sad moments.  Without going into heavy detail the biggest was the loss of a coworker.  I had hoped I'd get to see her before hand but I never got the opportunity then again I'm aware there were probably a lot of family/friends needing and wanting to see her.

Last month I also got to see Hamilton at the Fox which was awesome.  I attended a few vegan related events including a health fair and cheese making class.  I also half-azzed participated in Camp Nano.  My motivation has been pretty low.  That said I made it to a weekly writing group for the first time in months and plan to attend tomorrow.

And I'm back in the coffee shop today (was here yesterday) so I'm hoping this means the mental shift has occurred.  Hoping to have a few sessions at the coffee shop this week - doing some read-throughs and drafting/revising. 

That said I really should be off but I did want to post my latest Lync story.  Another based within the world of TYW.  I have the first draft and then the final (based on the character limitation set for my Lync status box).  I still love my first two as my faves :)

FIRST DRAFT:  In the forest rest the soul of the late Mr. Willowby.  ‘At night he crept, by dawn he wept’ sang the Lights beneath the darkened streetlamps.  A warning to the children of Folly that did little to curve their curiosity.  Tasha was eleven the first time.  Her eyes weary, stomach in knots, and fingers with fresh welts.  She held the lamp with shaky fingers as she guided the recruits to the tree Mr. Willowby was said to have sacrificed himself at.  The tree was wide speckled with tiny red buds at its base.  Each representing a life loss.  “Do you think he’ll show tonight,” one of the girls asked.  Tasha’s raised her fingers toward the light of the lamp and simply smiled. 

FINAL DRAFT: Mr. Willow was a sacrifice. ‘At night he crept, by dawn he wept’ sang the warning from the Lights beneath their darkened streetlamps. Tasha was eleven. Her eyes weary, stomach in knots, and fingers with fresh welts.  She held the lamp with shaky fingers as she guided the recruits to the dismal tree speckled with tiny red buds at its base: Each represented a life loss. “Do you think he’ll show tonight,” one of the girls asked. Tasha raised her fingers toward the light of the lamp and simply smiled./ZeEnd


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Short Story - Odd Scripts

Word Count: 940
Prompt:  N/A
Part of an existing story/world: No
The players: Marcelle (Marcy), Ash, Farrah
Type:  Single (potential for continuation)

               Ash’s mouth was bound to catch a fly at any second.  It took her mind longer to recover from what the doctor was telling her.  Seconds later a familiar smirk came across her thin lips.  Her pointy but dignified nose bunched in as an idea struck her.  She raised her neat eyebrow and clasped her fingers perfectly across her lap.  Then she remembered.  She adjusted her two button blue blazer, bounding one pin before her hands fell into her lap once more.
                “Aw,” she started.  She feigned humor but it was difficult, “Marcelle said you were a funny one.  I understand.”
                But the doctor simply shook her head, “No,” she began, “My prescription for you is sex.  Three times a week minimum.  Come back to me in a month and we’ll take it from there.”
                Ash scoffed.  The doctor was carrying on far past her comfort but according to her most recent visit to a therapist she needed to relax more.  “You are too much,” Ash forced through her teeth.  Her hands burdened by the press of her fingers as they pushed into her flesh.  It seemed her sense of humor was directed to the restraint at her fingertips.  Most unusual.  
                The doctor rolled around to her desk pulled, a purple-gray tablet from off the top and scribbled onto it before handing it to Ash. 
                Sex BID, PRN, PO the prescription paper read.
                “I at least made it twice a day and gave the option of oral.  But do it for her,” the doctor nodded toward Ash’s hand which were strategically placed over the region of her body she’d ignored.  “Lady Bits needs your attention.  See you in a month.”  

                Sex.  Twice a day.  As needed.  Often, no, by mouth, but she probably meant often too Ash thought as she paced her tiny apartment.  Never had she thought in the chaotic mess that was her fully booked life that a doctor visit would end as this one did.  Maybe that was why she tended to stay away from them.  Even the therapist one hadn’t gone as well.  But it was only one opinion and furthermore it was Marcy’s recommendation to see this particular primary.  That alone should have been the telltale sign.  
                The doctor had been late furthermore.  She’d the room in a hurry, her long braid wrapped across her shoulder, and the expression beneath her black rimmed glasses, Ash thought back, seemed out of place.  But no time later the doctor had settled.  The more Ash thought about, really, should she trust a doctor who couldn’t be reliable in maintaining a scheduled appointment?  What did 
                Ash unbuttoned her blazer.  Then buttoned it again.  Before buttoning it once more.  She made her way to the giant window and sat for a moment on the white cushioned seat thinking she’d watch the sunset but she got up a second later.  Her hands in her hair one moment but by the next they were fiddling with the buttons once more.  In an exhaustive sigh she undid the buttons, yanked the blazer from her arms, and pitched it onto the brown leather loveseat.  She looked at it, lying limp, sad, unloved and before another minute could pass she picked up the blazer, smoothed it out.
                “I’m sorry,” she whispered to it, “I love you,” she said as she kissed the smooth fabric and made her way to the closet to retrieve the blue velvet hanger it belonged to.  “Your home now.”  
                Ash walked back into her living room, everything in place and knowing its value.  Her gaze fell down to her Lady Bits.  
                “Why can’t you just behave?”
                Her stomach grumbled.  

                “Farrah, it’s almost there but I’m not getting a clear picture of the main character’s motives.  It does have that feel of meddling but for what benefit?”
                Farrah watched her roommate, a pocky stick hanging from her lip to replace Nikki, whom she missed.  It’d been a month and while she hadn’t missed her smell she still craved that sweet release of one puff.  The pocky helped.   And it didn’t.  
                Farrah was braiding her hair listening to Marcy as she rattled off her different suggestions when she finally came to a breaking point.  Farrah asked, “So how did Ash’s appointment to the doctor go?  Wasn’t it like the first one she’s been to since high school?”
                Marcy tossed her head back in laughter, “It was.  She actually hasn’t called me yet.  I need to introduce the two of you.  You had an appointment there today right?  You probably could have said hi or something.  She gets weird about doctors.  Always thinking someone is going to call her out on her various quirks, you know.”
                Farrah was reaching the end of her dark brown braid as she hummed her response.
                “But yeah, I think if you can nail down the character’s motives for why they are meddling, and get inside a bit I think it’ll help the script overall,” Marcy shook her head in laughter, “Maybe it wouldn’t hurt doing some research.  You know instead of being a casual observer go in and dig deep.”
                Farrah finished her braid.
                “Interesting prescription,” Farrah started.
                “Or you could always do a treatment and-” Marcy started as she turned around but Farrah shook her head.
                “One step ahead of you Mar in fact I did a bit of meddling today myself.”
                “Oooo,” Marcy said just as her phone began to buzz beneath the light of the desk lamp.  “Oh, Ash is finally calling,” Marcy paused to answer, “Hey Ash how’d the-”
                Farrah smiled as she found a familiar grove in the couch and unraveled her braid. 


Monday, February 26, 2018

The Moment You Admit February Was a Bust

Let me no longer be in denial.

I have failed.  I extended my deadline for #TLS to 2/28 since I did a great job in January but didn't complete the first draft.  And now that it's two days left in the month I'm not sure I'll finish.

But Feb may have been a fail on the word count goal front and also in completing an editorial map but I did make some progress in understanding the character motives.  Also I think my BIG win for Feb and this probably bled a bit from Jan is understanding what #TLS is.  A lot of times when I work on a project I'll sometimes ask myself does this fit into another story OR could I combine some ideas to make something worthy of a novel.  But instead I found #TLS answered the question I had for one of my other novels.  I'm still treating it as a stand alone but that history is there.

Speaking of history I've been working out some of the character's back story and what I know about them because think where I got snagged is I saw a storyline pulling me in more and found myself getting away from the original intent.  However I recognize this can happen you go into an idea with one thing in mind and discover some other gems along the way.

At any rate I'm still working on #TLS.  I do not know what this means for my revision goals regarding TYW and overall timeline or if I'll just make a hard stop come 3/1 to focus on TYW but at the end of the day I'm working on something.

In other news I recognized a few people for my "Just Because" in February.  I took a coworker out to lunch and tried to write out a thoughtful card.  I also wrote out a card to my cousins thanking them for what they do.  Met with a few ex-coworkers for dinner tonight as well and that was fun.  We always have some really good conversations regarding work and life and various observations.    But then there was a lot of conversation yesterday I partook in from at my great aunts to talking with my cousin.  And for the takeaway is that we all have something we're working on in this lifetime, things we're going through and really does it make a difference with framing yours perspective in order to get the most out of your present.

Anywho I'm tired and I really should try to work on this short story.  I finally started "Odd Scripts" last week and got to a stopping point.  Right now I'm trying to decide if I should expand it or leave it where it is. But I also want to read more of "Still Me" my coworker dropped off her copy at my desk and I started reading it and I'se curious, lol.

I'll likely end up reading a bit, listening to Hamilton (got back into listening to this soundtrack randomly), and then heading to bed since it's 10:40.  I really need to revisit my writing timeline ... ::sigh::

Anywho I'se off

9/52 weeks

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pushing Onward

I call myself about to work on #TLS when I realized my latest draft is saved on my work computer and I didn't send it to myself like I usually do after a writing session (which was this past Saturday)... an hour or so later I'm back on my regular laptop because in trying to send my WIP to my email address I started playing around with my phone which I intentionally charged in another room.

And now the waning bit of energy I had is gone.  I just want to enjoy my last couple bites of brownie and my flaxmilk then head to bed -_-

But I'm going to try to fight through it and try to get out about 500 words *fingers crossed*

Not too much going on other than I'm behind and at this point I may have to make another project call come 2/28 based on where I'm at versus where I wanted to be.

I had another idea for a short story... I need to try to get one out this month as well.  The working titles for the short stories are "The Clock Maker" and "Odd 'Scripts".  I hope to make the latter more comedic.

Speaking of comedic as I've worked on a #TLS I've continually asked myself is what I want from this and mostly how is it different.  I know, in my heart of hearts, I want #TLS to be a look at humanity and what it looks like as it changes/one loses their own but I've asked myself what hasn't been done in this genre?   Dinosaurs.  That's right.  There are dinosaurs in #TLS ... sort of.  If dinosaurs are a metaphor for old things, old ideas, things that should be extinct then yes there are dinosaurs!!!!

/late night randomness

That aside I did see Black Panther on Sunday with the family.  And a couple things
1.  I noticed the villain Erik Killmonger had the same name as a character in #TLS (minus the last name)... seeing him made me wonder about my Erik's plight as he starts off decent.  Still TBD how his story will go.
2.  Again I found myself asking the question that I think may be at the heart of #TLS, one that mankind or any genius discovery has come across of rather sharing something with world or keeping it hidden in fear of the possible abuse of it...?  And with one of my characters I believe this is an idea she struggles with when she creates *something*

Okay, I'm done.  This should count toward writing.  The morning shower and thinking about #TLS should count too.

Off to write.  Here's to progress!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Seeking Inspiration

I'm still in a bit of a rut when it comes to any head way with working on #TLS or with the TYW.

Been blaming most of my lack of progress on shark week -_-  But I haven't given up on trying to accomplish my goals for the month.  Here's to hoping this funk or whatnot passes.

I doubt very much I'll get any words in tonight... re-watching "The Wind Rises" because there was something about the movie that moved me and thus the purpose of ze entry.  I haven't been reading as much, mostly because there is also some mental hang up with books as well.  It's like there part of me that's got one foot out the door with just about everything.

At any rate sometimes as writers there's this expectation that reading a lot will help with developing your craft.  And I don't argue against that but I also think other medium's can do the same.  Recently I watched "Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl" which was sad but entertaining.

I also watched "The Girl w/ All the Gifts" expecting to get something from it since it involved zombies and #TLS is a zombie novel.  I suppose in some aspects I did but of all three films the most thought provoking question that got my mind spinning was "The Wind Rises" and it was it that made me think of my #TLS characters specifically Vin and trying to get back to her plight.  Also I definitely cried watching "The Wind Rises" and I'm tearing up now as I re-watch it.

Part of what happened in #TLS is that I got stuck in introducing a character who I feel shapes some of what happens in the novel (from a backstory perspective) but their story isn't necessary to Vin's decision... or maybe it is.  I don't know.  It feels like a case of over thinking but not having enough well thought out plans.


Well in other news attended a mixer last week and saw the last 50SOG film with a friend as part of a lady date.  I didn't float last week and I didn't make it to the weekly write in either (didn't make it yesterday either).  I did spend some time with the niece and we went bowling which was good but she noted I seemed sad.  I also booked a PwaT event in early March with my other niece.  Will hopefully post pics of the last one at some point.

Other than trying to write this week and possibly seeing Black Panther nothing too much going on.

And now that the chicken pot pie is done I'll probably start wrapping up to get ready for bed.

I'se out ^_^

7/52 wk update

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Resolutions Update & Feb Goals

Happy Tuesday!

Not much traction has been made with #TLS since the 10k day it seems.  I’m starting to think large writing days somehow drain me for days.  But there is also some mental anguish with the writing as of late.  And due to the weather yesterday I decided on not going to the weekly write in.

In short February is not off to a great start.  And without looking at my list of resolution I know I’m behind in books read as well and I need to produce a short story this month.

That said the goal in Feb will definitely be to:
- Catch up on GR challenge
- Complete revision prep
- TRY to finish #TLS
- Complete one short story

This means delaying my revision another month but I feel like its better to go on with this strategy than be unrealistic in my capabilities given history.

Other than that not too much going on.  I attended my first Painting w/ a Twist event.

And later this week I’ll be attending a Wine & Chocolate Mixer with a friend (though I didn’t realize until I booked that it was a Wine & Chocolate SINGLES Mixer)... At any rate plan on trying to enjoy the night.

Which makes me think... has anyone ever been bamboozled?  Thought I don’t think I was absolutely even through the event is listed one way on FB but differinitely when you go to buy the ticket,

And I’m off for now, will try to start my story “The Clockmaker”.

6/52 wk

Monday, January 29, 2018

Writing and New Things

So far I’ve adhered to my once a week post.  Yay!  One month down 11 more to go.

This won’t be a long post as I’m tired and currently waiting for mi Madres at the casino so I should at least try to sneak in a few more words.

Today I had a bit of a meltdown at work involving one of my projects, blaming it on PMS, and because I did and just wanting to work on my novel a bit I decided to attend a weekly write in.  Long story short I reached out to confirm they were meeting at Starbucks and they were.  So I joined and met a nice group of people while getting in some words and enjoying some hot soy milk ^_^

This week I’ll also be likely doing my fourth float, which I”m excited for because last week was just great.  I came out glowing, lol.  And I was in a really good mood after it and my back felt good.  But besides doing another float I also plan on doing my first ever Paiting w/ a Twist on Saturday.  It’s another solo outing.  And I’m okay with that :)

I’m behind about 26k with #TheLastStop and hoping to do some damage but I also recognize I need to finish up my editorial map if I’m to stay on track for my TYW Revision.

So the goal this week will be to:
- Finish out the first draft of #TLS
- Complete editorial map for TYW
- Start POA (since I didn’t last week)
- Attend PwaT event
- Look into bday plans
- Finish reading book

Oh in another news I did sign myself up for a vegan cheese making class in March.

And I’m off.

5/52 wk