Monday, August 28, 2017

Today's Reflection: August 28, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by the letter Boob.  Boob is a letter.  I dare you to argue otherwise.  Boob.  Booooooob. Words that start with the letter boob - booba, boobska, boobski.  Used in a sentence - Boobska facts were presented to the opposing attorney. 


So I forgot to post this last week but I hadn't realized Kindle had paid me for sales of MD.  It wasn't a whole lot but it's pretty cool to make money off one's work. 

Not too much going on other than I plan on going to bed at a decent time tonight.  After I logged off yesterday I wound up watching "Insecure" and was pretty darn tired getting up this morning. 

I haven't gotten much writing in today, been tired all day.  Though I took a pretty nice nap during my lunch break in my car, had the windows down and it was warm, didn't help I had on jeggings and a black dress but when that breeze would come through ooooooeeeeee ^_^

I'm also finally on Season 5 of GOT.  Lots of death, one character's death did pull on the strings a bit but I still have yet to have the feels I did for a particular death in S1.  I'm probably going to chill on GOT for the rest of the evening in order to tidy up some ideas I had for Redemption that I want to incorporate.  I wrote a lot yesterday but still much to go.

Also I really want to go somewhere this Fall.  Not sure if I'll be able to swing it but haven't given up yet. 

I'se outtie.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Today's Reflection: August 27, 2017

Today's Reflection Brought To You By:  Getting Older - Remember when you could just bounce right back after a fall?  Remember being able to fight through muscle soreness and still be a functioning member of society?  Well worry no more Getting Older rids you of all that delicious bounce back youth afforded you and that fighting energy to work out more and beat out the pain from exercising muscles you had no idea existed.  Getting Older is available at every second passing you by.... ^_^

Oye, so today's note will be more of a reflection for the week since I didn't get around to updating some days.  It's been busy and I've been adding to Redemption every day.  Even if all I can do is about 100 words from the car I get it in.  I've been using my phone and the Bluetooth keyboard my manager gave me.  And it's been phenomenal just whipping out the keyboard to write.  In fact I should probably charge it tonight. 

I'm still doing the morning routine and running the kids to school, while we wait at the second drop off I've been either reading or writing, mostly writing this past week.  I was working through the exercises for the "How To Write a Sizzling Synopsis" and I need to pick it back up since technically I should be working in time for a marketing plan.  Speaking of I need to make a plan for reaching out to bloggers.  I also need to revise my year end plans since I don't see me having a book ready to release by October... maybe December though :)

This week, or maybe more so today and yesterday I've been getting hit with things for TYW, more precisely Year Two.  In fact I was driving and a voice came to me.  I was listening and found myself saying, "Okay Miles, I got it."  I'se excited!  So far I've established within Year Two I'll be following No Aw, Liam, and Miles.  There will also be a new voice from the dead added alongside Jimeny Weiss's.  And the Rainbow Woman.  That's what I call her in my head. 

Outside of writing I had a couple interview for jobs to help supplement my income/pay down my debt.  Just paid off another credit card this pay period.  Woo hoo.  Got about 3 store cards to knock down and two regular ones then I'll focus on one of the car notes since the balance is low.  I'm hoping I won't have to double time for too long and honestly I'm okay with short term contract work (to avoid the stress of having to quit). 

I'm also still a bit sore from kickball tryouts on Wednesday.  Not as bad as I was Thursday and Friday but I know I should probably try keeping up some form of activity. 

At any rate I think this update should suffice.  I owe a few emails to people and would like to finish this chapter (RE: Longest Chapter Ever)... so I thought I had come to a stopping point before but then I started adding to it again.  I'm at the point of suspecting this will be the chapter I give away for free as a way to promote Redemption. 

I believe that is it.  Oh, still behind on my reading.  I'd read after I get to another good stopping point but I'm likely going to pass out after words.  Off to finish ze laundry!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today's Reflection: August 22, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by Chronic Sleep  - Ever wish there was just a little less wakefulness to your day?  Find pleasure in the deliria that comes from exhausted?  Just ever want to sleep the pounds away?  Introducing Chronic Sleep the feel good fatigue that'll make you wonder why you ever bothered waking up to begin with.  Not be confused with Chronic Gas or Chronic Toe Wiggles.

Oye so after two days in a row of 2k plus writing days I thought for sure I'd come home this evening to get in more of Redemption but after picking up the car from the shop, leaving work later than I thought I would, cooking dinner, cleaning, and massive job hunting it just didn't happen :(

And now I need to go to bed as I'se tired from getting up early to run the kids to school in the morning. 

I also had a successful phone screen today and being recommended for an in person interview for one of the PT jobs I submitted for.  I have an interview tomorrow evening for another one thus I prepped a crockpot dinner tonight (cut up some potatos and carrots) since tomorrow will likely be a late evening by the time I do the interview (at 5) and then I had planned on checking out the kickball tryouts (at 7pm).  So tomorrow might be sketchy with writing too but hopefully I'll manage at least 500.  I suspected tonight be harder to stop since I finished out the chapter last night (after living and breathing it for days). 

Any who a few noteworthy things today:
1.  Figured out how to use the bluethooth on the car and connected my phone then proceeded to play music via YouTube that played through the car speakers (most awesome)
2. Phone interview went great (to me) even though it had to be split up due to some conflicts with my calendar
3. I'm missing her hard (GA peach)
4. Mi madres and the little things (had a nice sized umbrella in my trunk thanks to her) ... didn't have to use my wimpy umbrella when walking from the parking lot to the building
5. Forgot to make a reflection yesterday but had a good conversation with Arielle
6. Also from yesterday viewing the eclipse at work
7. Learning today that my audio/recording to the radio station about the eclipse made it on the air (as confirmed by my manager and another co-worker who listen to NPR)
8. Finding a reason to smile when I am missing her hard and despairing about the point of life with her not here
9.  Laughing at memories
10. Allowing one's heart to break and picking up the pieces each time

And with that... I am off.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Today's Reflection - August 20, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by ... Actually it's an excerpt from today's writing session (see below).

But before I launch into the excerpt I want to say it's been nice getting lost in a world again.  I'm not sure if it was just needing to get pass 10k or maybe just needing to get out the house but I'm glad to see this story moving.  I'm still dabbling with TYW as well and after I wrap up the chapter tonight I'll plan to read a chapter of it before passing out.  Well once I get through dishes.

In something new I learned today there's this song the on the radio that in my head I refer to as the "Stay Woke" song but didn't realize until today that it's actually called "Redbone" and secondly it's by Childish Gambino AND heck I didn't realize he sings.  I thought he only rapped.  So while at BreadCo I found myself on YouTube listening to a lot of his songs.  And on an impulse buy after my writing session picked up his new CD as well as Imagine Dragon's.  I also wanted VHS but Target didn't have it in stock or either I just couldn't find it. 

At any rate here's ze excerpt from "Redemption"...

              “Okay,” Reese barely had the words out of her mouth before she watched Mrs. Harvey outdo the urgency of Hank's bee line to them moments earlier.  It wasn’t until Mrs. Harvey was out of Reese’s line of sight that the void hit.  Reese hung close to the table, tempted by the chocolate but fascinated by the crowd.  There were so many people laughing and chatting.  People that hugged as if they’d gone ages without seeing the other.  Networking, business cards exchanged, and random toast surrounded Reese in the thrill of the night but all she could notice was the chill of feeling isolated from it all. 

                A new waiter came by and tilted his tray to offer Reese a flute.  She declined once again though the idea of having something in her hand would at least have given her something to fidget with besides the hem of her skirt.  Reese checked her watch.  She had another half hour to pass before she could meet Michael and hopefully impress him enough in five minutes or less.  Work on your elevator pitch Reese thought.  With a plan in mind she was just about to grab another chocolate when she a familiar scent hit her nose.  Warmth pressed flush against her body as a voice whispered, “May I have that dance now?”

                His hands already at her hip as she turned around and found the wall she’d run into earlier standing even closer. 

                “I love this song,” he said as he walked her toward the middle of the lawn where a makeshift dance floor had begun.  “Your hands are cold.”

                “Maybe from the wine glass,” Reese said a little too quickly.

                A half smile peaked his stubble, “From all the times you waved the offer away you mean?”

                Reese’s eyes went wide causing the wall to laugh, “Who are you?” she asked before her mind could think twice. 

                His laughter stopped abruptly.  Reese wasn’t sure if she regretted asking or not but the two had already found a rhythm as they danced to the music.  “I love this song too,” she offered.

                “You know the artist?” He asked, avoiding the question. 

                “Not personally, no,” Reese answered.

                “I didn’t mean literally,” and again that smirk was on his face.   “Who are the artists?  Sounds like a duo.”

                “Emeli Sande and Labrinth.”

                “Mmm, so what’s it called?” He asked as he drew Reese closer.

                Without meaning to Reese let out an audible exhale.  His eyes met her and his lips quirked for a beat.  But what captured Reese were the pair of green eyes staring back at her underneath his mask.  “Beneath Your Beautiful,” she whispered.

                He smiled and leaned down into her ear once more, his hand slid to the middle of her back as he pressed her closer into him, “As are you.” 

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Today's Reflection - August 19, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by Miracle Cream - It's the cream for the every man demands... not to be used on skin, clothes, furniture, pets, electronics, plants, hair, pavement, wood, annoying tv shows, air, earth, wind, water, fire, Captain Planet... on just about anything.  Also please avoid inhaling toxins as it has has shown to increase death by over 50%... Miracle Cream products available online and any death mart near you!

Aye it is late and today was productive. 

I made it to BreadCo today and what has literally taking me hours of sitting at home just to produce nothing took a matter of minutes upon sitting down for me to crank out some words.  What was nice was I hate to leave but knew once I got in I'd add more.  Sure enough after I put away the little groceries I picked up, cooked dinner, cut up a watermelon, and cleaned I sat down to clean up a bit of what I wrote and added to it.  And now I'm making a post about said success.

So tomorrow I plan on heading to BreadCo again but probably not spending as much only because the budget is tight and I'm definitely looking around for PT jobs to sort of get my debts back under control. 

Still haven't gotten the Rav back yet but it should be ready to go by Tuesday, repair for it is nearing the 1k mark but at least I finally got the air bag taken care of and the dealer figured out what the grinding noise was whenever the car was put in Reverse.  Also the new ECM was put in on Friday so its starting again :)

Had bit of an emotional episode yesterday while working out my bill with Sprint and another one today while at BreadCo writing.  Hoping to understand/figure out more of what I think I'm doing since I'm fairly sure I'm feeling more lost and just going through the motions at this point.

Looked at my novel release plans for this year and quite naturally I'm behind my target dates so I might be looking at December again for releasing a book.  But I need to rework the timeline sometime this week. 

I've also been successful at getting up in the morning in order to run Bailee, Pork n Dumplings to school and daycare.  And on that note I need to probably get ready for bed if I intend to make breakfast in the morning before heading out. 

Here's to having another 2k minimum day (but definitely aspiring for more) ^_^

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today's Reflection - August 9, 2017

Today's reflection brought to you by:  The Rancid Soup Company... Because how else would you appreciate a steaming bowl of crap.  Rancid.  It's the flavor that keep on giving.

Oye so in an effort to better remember things (the whole reason I wanted to journal more) I'll try to keep it limited to bulleted items in the hopes that it'll encourage me to actually do it.

So things I accomplished today:
- Procrastination
- Not working on Redemption during my lunch hour like I said I would
- Staring into space
- Listening to a lot of NPR today (and oddly enough the concept of time and our memories came up which was like a low-key dig for me)
- Quick dinner creation (got home late but was able to make some ground turkey, peas, and scalloped potato's in about 40... about less than that).
- Still haven't attempted the black bean meatloaf recipe :(
- Did make a successful trip to the Sprint store
- Increased my bill... woooo
- Actually stated my fear during the team meeting when asked about the new re-org
- Got out for lunch and went to Field Foods (might do that more often based on lunch budget)
- Felt value add during meeting today with suggesting a solution regarding the AEE calls and what might be an option in trying to distinguish a population of people
- Reaching out to a friend after receiving a text that had me worried I might've upset them but then also recognizing my perception might be skewed

A few these things, for me, show the ways in which I'm growing as a person.  For instance I have a policy of 'picking your battles' and I think a lot of people do, not everything is worthy of our time.  But I've also taken on the idea of trying not to make assumptions and address thing head on. 

So in today's meeting I didn't beat around the bush and did show my hesitation as far a having anything positive to say about the re-org and stated that I felt as though my group was already the oddball and with the shift we'd be the odd man out even more.  But you know, it is what it is and I'm going to be vigilant about keeping myself in the present (and trying to hit these goals!).  Speaking of might need to rethink my schedule :(

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Arbitrary Writing Deadlines

It's been nearly 4 months since I've made a post.  Suffice to say my goal of journaling for 80% of the year (or whatever it was) has not been incredibly successful.

It's hard to say where the time has gone.  In April there was the trip to Vegas I took my mom on, coming back and doing the library event then ... ... ... Break from writing ... SEC Psychic Fair (which was fun, I'll need to post a pic of my aura)... Some sad days... some reading ... and work. 

Now that's it's August most of the projects I thought I'd get to this year seem to be in jeopardy such a the read through of OTTM/TMO - which I felt would be good to do because of MD.

I thought by now I would have completed a couple read throughs and had the second draft to the TYW in progress but as it is I'm making notes for the 2nd draft now while also trying to complete the 1st draft for Redemption.

I still have a goal to publish another novel later this year.  It'd be great if I could do two (and right now that's my crazy goal) but if it could only be one I'd like it to be TYW since I completed the first draft for both it and MD back in 2013.  So it would seem nice if they both went out this year as well.  However TYW was intended to be a solo novel and since writing it a few things have come up.  Last year for Nano I attempted to continue it but I fizzled pretty early on.

So one part of me thinks if I want to keep it to one book that I should hold unless I decide to go series route (or duology).  Not exactly how much more there is.  I have a frame of mind as far as the story arcs I'd include but is it enough for just two books or would it make sense to do three since that seems to be a good number for series. 

At this point I'm going to see how draft two lands before I make a decision in that regard. 

Also starting to work out some marketing things (or at least try to).  For TYW I figure I'll revamp Chapter 0 and for Redemption I'll write a chapter for the male's POV. 

In the meantime, effective Sunday, trying to stay away from Social Media until I hit two of these goals.