Saturday, August 19, 2017

Today's Reflection - August 19, 2017

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Aye it is late and today was productive. 

I made it to BreadCo today and what has literally taking me hours of sitting at home just to produce nothing took a matter of minutes upon sitting down for me to crank out some words.  What was nice was I hate to leave but knew once I got in I'd add more.  Sure enough after I put away the little groceries I picked up, cooked dinner, cut up a watermelon, and cleaned I sat down to clean up a bit of what I wrote and added to it.  And now I'm making a post about said success.

So tomorrow I plan on heading to BreadCo again but probably not spending as much only because the budget is tight and I'm definitely looking around for PT jobs to sort of get my debts back under control. 

Still haven't gotten the Rav back yet but it should be ready to go by Tuesday, repair for it is nearing the 1k mark but at least I finally got the air bag taken care of and the dealer figured out what the grinding noise was whenever the car was put in Reverse.  Also the new ECM was put in on Friday so its starting again :)

Had bit of an emotional episode yesterday while working out my bill with Sprint and another one today while at BreadCo writing.  Hoping to understand/figure out more of what I think I'm doing since I'm fairly sure I'm feeling more lost and just going through the motions at this point.

Looked at my novel release plans for this year and quite naturally I'm behind my target dates so I might be looking at December again for releasing a book.  But I need to rework the timeline sometime this week. 

I've also been successful at getting up in the morning in order to run Bailee, Pork n Dumplings to school and daycare.  And on that note I need to probably get ready for bed if I intend to make breakfast in the morning before heading out. 

Here's to having another 2k minimum day (but definitely aspiring for more) ^_^

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