Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Arbitrary Writing Deadlines

It's been nearly 4 months since I've made a post.  Suffice to say my goal of journaling for 80% of the year (or whatever it was) has not been incredibly successful.

It's hard to say where the time has gone.  In April there was the trip to Vegas I took my mom on, coming back and doing the library event then ... ... ... Break from writing ... SEC Psychic Fair (which was fun, I'll need to post a pic of my aura)... Some sad days... some reading ... and work. 

Now that's it's August most of the projects I thought I'd get to this year seem to be in jeopardy such a the read through of OTTM/TMO - which I felt would be good to do because of MD.

I thought by now I would have completed a couple read throughs and had the second draft to the TYW in progress but as it is I'm making notes for the 2nd draft now while also trying to complete the 1st draft for Redemption.

I still have a goal to publish another novel later this year.  It'd be great if I could do two (and right now that's my crazy goal) but if it could only be one I'd like it to be TYW since I completed the first draft for both it and MD back in 2013.  So it would seem nice if they both went out this year as well.  However TYW was intended to be a solo novel and since writing it a few things have come up.  Last year for Nano I attempted to continue it but I fizzled pretty early on.

So one part of me thinks if I want to keep it to one book that I should hold unless I decide to go series route (or duology).  Not exactly how much more there is.  I have a frame of mind as far as the story arcs I'd include but is it enough for just two books or would it make sense to do three since that seems to be a good number for series. 

At this point I'm going to see how draft two lands before I make a decision in that regard. 

Also starting to work out some marketing things (or at least try to).  For TYW I figure I'll revamp Chapter 0 and for Redemption I'll write a chapter for the male's POV. 

In the meantime, effective Sunday, trying to stay away from Social Media until I hit two of these goals. 

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