Sunday, August 20, 2017

Today's Reflection - August 20, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by ... Actually it's an excerpt from today's writing session (see below).

But before I launch into the excerpt I want to say it's been nice getting lost in a world again.  I'm not sure if it was just needing to get pass 10k or maybe just needing to get out the house but I'm glad to see this story moving.  I'm still dabbling with TYW as well and after I wrap up the chapter tonight I'll plan to read a chapter of it before passing out.  Well once I get through dishes.

In something new I learned today there's this song the on the radio that in my head I refer to as the "Stay Woke" song but didn't realize until today that it's actually called "Redbone" and secondly it's by Childish Gambino AND heck I didn't realize he sings.  I thought he only rapped.  So while at BreadCo I found myself on YouTube listening to a lot of his songs.  And on an impulse buy after my writing session picked up his new CD as well as Imagine Dragon's.  I also wanted VHS but Target didn't have it in stock or either I just couldn't find it. 

At any rate here's ze excerpt from "Redemption"...

              “Okay,” Reese barely had the words out of her mouth before she watched Mrs. Harvey outdo the urgency of Hank's bee line to them moments earlier.  It wasn’t until Mrs. Harvey was out of Reese’s line of sight that the void hit.  Reese hung close to the table, tempted by the chocolate but fascinated by the crowd.  There were so many people laughing and chatting.  People that hugged as if they’d gone ages without seeing the other.  Networking, business cards exchanged, and random toast surrounded Reese in the thrill of the night but all she could notice was the chill of feeling isolated from it all. 

                A new waiter came by and tilted his tray to offer Reese a flute.  She declined once again though the idea of having something in her hand would at least have given her something to fidget with besides the hem of her skirt.  Reese checked her watch.  She had another half hour to pass before she could meet Michael and hopefully impress him enough in five minutes or less.  Work on your elevator pitch Reese thought.  With a plan in mind she was just about to grab another chocolate when she a familiar scent hit her nose.  Warmth pressed flush against her body as a voice whispered, “May I have that dance now?”

                His hands already at her hip as she turned around and found the wall she’d run into earlier standing even closer. 

                “I love this song,” he said as he walked her toward the middle of the lawn where a makeshift dance floor had begun.  “Your hands are cold.”

                “Maybe from the wine glass,” Reese said a little too quickly.

                A half smile peaked his stubble, “From all the times you waved the offer away you mean?”

                Reese’s eyes went wide causing the wall to laugh, “Who are you?” she asked before her mind could think twice. 

                His laughter stopped abruptly.  Reese wasn’t sure if she regretted asking or not but the two had already found a rhythm as they danced to the music.  “I love this song too,” she offered.

                “You know the artist?” He asked, avoiding the question. 

                “Not personally, no,” Reese answered.

                “I didn’t mean literally,” and again that smirk was on his face.   “Who are the artists?  Sounds like a duo.”

                “Emeli Sande and Labrinth.”

                “Mmm, so what’s it called?” He asked as he drew Reese closer.

                Without meaning to Reese let out an audible exhale.  His eyes met her and his lips quirked for a beat.  But what captured Reese were the pair of green eyes staring back at her underneath his mask.  “Beneath Your Beautiful,” she whispered.

                He smiled and leaned down into her ear once more, his hand slid to the middle of her back as he pressed her closer into him, “As are you.” 

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