Friday, October 23, 2015

Still alive and ZOMG it's almost Nano!

I am alive.

Though I read a post on facebook where someone said something along the lines of "Dead people don't know they're dead but others do.  The same can be said about stupid people."

That made me laugh, probably shouldn't have but this week has been for the birds.  But before I launch into that here's sort of a really quick highlight reel from the last time I posted:

- Original close date
- House deck go bye bye
- Financing from Wells Fargo go bye bye
- Denise's tiny bit of sanity go bye bye (I remember walking in the parking lot at work trying to calm down and stop crying)
- Lots of tears this month

- Vacay.. YAY!
- Really short, super short vacay as in 2 days in Boston, 2 days in CT, 2 days at the airport due to delays
    - Finished reading a book though
- Ninja negotiator real estate extraordinaire works another financing partner onboard
- Denise's tiny bit of sanity returns then immediately goes on hiatus
- Lots of reading of ze romance sort...  Which strangely has been helpful in the mental gestation for a few projects on the hopper
- Probably some tears from me as well as making others cry because I'm evil
- Closed on ze house!

- Very trying, tiring, and just... -_-
- Craziness at work with projects that I have the lead which both have senior management tied to it
   - Spent yesterday at my cube crying (though I think there were other reasons for why I was so emotional)
- Opened a line of credit in order to purchase my first ever washer, dryer, and fridge.. Thanks Sears :)
- Joined the century and got a smartphone (iPhone 6s and left At&T after 15+ years to join Sprint)
- Read some books
- Nano... nano... nano... what to write... Or maybe not (?)
- The new Adele song "Hello" = awesome; and not be confused with Mr. Ritchie's "Hello", this is an original
- More tears and making others upset because I am evil

Actually a lot has happened with the last week but I'll comment on the positive things such as sealing the deal November entitlements after holding it up for said project I'm on.  Parent teacher conferences this week with the niece and one of the staff there just give me huge kudos with my niece because they've seen a change in her since she's come to stay with me.  And basically she let me know they think what I'm doing is wonderful and just a lot of praise.

I also heard from a friend of mine that I hadn't and he gave me a really nice compliment after reading all of my short stories posted on here.  I should probably create a shirt that says "I will smile endlessly for reading and/or complimenting my stories."

Well it's a release night that'll probably be starting soon.

I'm still not sure about Nano this year.  I want to and have an idea of what I could write, something in the romance range since I think I can tackle it now after reading so much of it in the last few months.  I'm also pretty sure I will not succeed in getting in my 52 short stories in 52 weeks but I'll manage to post some more that I had open before the year is out.

And lastly I have 2 months to make my one resolution.  So I think if I do nano it might be to work on continued revision of MD but we'll see.