Sunday, August 27, 2017

Today's Reflection: August 27, 2017

Today's Reflection Brought To You By:  Getting Older - Remember when you could just bounce right back after a fall?  Remember being able to fight through muscle soreness and still be a functioning member of society?  Well worry no more Getting Older rids you of all that delicious bounce back youth afforded you and that fighting energy to work out more and beat out the pain from exercising muscles you had no idea existed.  Getting Older is available at every second passing you by.... ^_^

Oye, so today's note will be more of a reflection for the week since I didn't get around to updating some days.  It's been busy and I've been adding to Redemption every day.  Even if all I can do is about 100 words from the car I get it in.  I've been using my phone and the Bluetooth keyboard my manager gave me.  And it's been phenomenal just whipping out the keyboard to write.  In fact I should probably charge it tonight. 

I'm still doing the morning routine and running the kids to school, while we wait at the second drop off I've been either reading or writing, mostly writing this past week.  I was working through the exercises for the "How To Write a Sizzling Synopsis" and I need to pick it back up since technically I should be working in time for a marketing plan.  Speaking of I need to make a plan for reaching out to bloggers.  I also need to revise my year end plans since I don't see me having a book ready to release by October... maybe December though :)

This week, or maybe more so today and yesterday I've been getting hit with things for TYW, more precisely Year Two.  In fact I was driving and a voice came to me.  I was listening and found myself saying, "Okay Miles, I got it."  I'se excited!  So far I've established within Year Two I'll be following No Aw, Liam, and Miles.  There will also be a new voice from the dead added alongside Jimeny Weiss's.  And the Rainbow Woman.  That's what I call her in my head. 

Outside of writing I had a couple interview for jobs to help supplement my income/pay down my debt.  Just paid off another credit card this pay period.  Woo hoo.  Got about 3 store cards to knock down and two regular ones then I'll focus on one of the car notes since the balance is low.  I'm hoping I won't have to double time for too long and honestly I'm okay with short term contract work (to avoid the stress of having to quit). 

I'm also still a bit sore from kickball tryouts on Wednesday.  Not as bad as I was Thursday and Friday but I know I should probably try keeping up some form of activity. 

At any rate I think this update should suffice.  I owe a few emails to people and would like to finish this chapter (RE: Longest Chapter Ever)... so I thought I had come to a stopping point before but then I started adding to it again.  I'm at the point of suspecting this will be the chapter I give away for free as a way to promote Redemption. 

I believe that is it.  Oh, still behind on my reading.  I'd read after I get to another good stopping point but I'm likely going to pass out after words.  Off to finish ze laundry!

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