Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Today's Reflection - August 9, 2017

Today's reflection brought to you by:  The Rancid Soup Company... Because how else would you appreciate a steaming bowl of crap.  Rancid.  It's the flavor that keep on giving.

Oye so in an effort to better remember things (the whole reason I wanted to journal more) I'll try to keep it limited to bulleted items in the hopes that it'll encourage me to actually do it.

So things I accomplished today:
- Procrastination
- Not working on Redemption during my lunch hour like I said I would
- Staring into space
- Listening to a lot of NPR today (and oddly enough the concept of time and our memories came up which was like a low-key dig for me)
- Quick dinner creation (got home late but was able to make some ground turkey, peas, and scalloped potato's in about 40... about less than that).
- Still haven't attempted the black bean meatloaf recipe :(
- Did make a successful trip to the Sprint store
- Increased my bill... woooo
- Actually stated my fear during the team meeting when asked about the new re-org
- Got out for lunch and went to Field Foods (might do that more often based on lunch budget)
- Felt value add during meeting today with suggesting a solution regarding the AEE calls and what might be an option in trying to distinguish a population of people
- Reaching out to a friend after receiving a text that had me worried I might've upset them but then also recognizing my perception might be skewed

A few these things, for me, show the ways in which I'm growing as a person.  For instance I have a policy of 'picking your battles' and I think a lot of people do, not everything is worthy of our time.  But I've also taken on the idea of trying not to make assumptions and address thing head on. 

So in today's meeting I didn't beat around the bush and did show my hesitation as far a having anything positive to say about the re-org and stated that I felt as though my group was already the oddball and with the shift we'd be the odd man out even more.  But you know, it is what it is and I'm going to be vigilant about keeping myself in the present (and trying to hit these goals!).  Speaking of might need to rethink my schedule :(

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