Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Today's Reflection: August 22, 2017

Today's Reflection brought to you by Chronic Sleep  - Ever wish there was just a little less wakefulness to your day?  Find pleasure in the deliria that comes from exhausted?  Just ever want to sleep the pounds away?  Introducing Chronic Sleep the feel good fatigue that'll make you wonder why you ever bothered waking up to begin with.  Not be confused with Chronic Gas or Chronic Toe Wiggles.

Oye so after two days in a row of 2k plus writing days I thought for sure I'd come home this evening to get in more of Redemption but after picking up the car from the shop, leaving work later than I thought I would, cooking dinner, cleaning, and massive job hunting it just didn't happen :(

And now I need to go to bed as I'se tired from getting up early to run the kids to school in the morning. 

I also had a successful phone screen today and being recommended for an in person interview for one of the PT jobs I submitted for.  I have an interview tomorrow evening for another one thus I prepped a crockpot dinner tonight (cut up some potatos and carrots) since tomorrow will likely be a late evening by the time I do the interview (at 5) and then I had planned on checking out the kickball tryouts (at 7pm).  So tomorrow might be sketchy with writing too but hopefully I'll manage at least 500.  I suspected tonight be harder to stop since I finished out the chapter last night (after living and breathing it for days). 

Any who a few noteworthy things today:
1.  Figured out how to use the bluethooth on the car and connected my phone then proceeded to play music via YouTube that played through the car speakers (most awesome)
2. Phone interview went great (to me) even though it had to be split up due to some conflicts with my calendar
3. I'm missing her hard (GA peach)
4. Mi madres and the little things (had a nice sized umbrella in my trunk thanks to her) ... didn't have to use my wimpy umbrella when walking from the parking lot to the building
5. Forgot to make a reflection yesterday but had a good conversation with Arielle
6. Also from yesterday viewing the eclipse at work
7. Learning today that my audio/recording to the radio station about the eclipse made it on the air (as confirmed by my manager and another co-worker who listen to NPR)
8. Finding a reason to smile when I am missing her hard and despairing about the point of life with her not here
9.  Laughing at memories
10. Allowing one's heart to break and picking up the pieces each time

And with that... I am off.

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