Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Three Good Things: 8/11/15

1.  Team Member of the Month for July at Work (found out yesterday but it was announced today)
2.  Discovering extra money that I can use toward the house (again this was yesterday but still happy today about that).
3. Finally completing Strengthfinders (which I did today and apparently one of the results is that I'm an Achiever.... definitely agree)

I don't think too deeply about, well not until I read my results but I knew I was results-focused as in I struggle if I can complete or check something off as done BUT the fact I need to have achieved something everyday, no matter how small, was news to me.  However I think about it and it's pretty accurate and I get a funky mood if I feel I haven't been productive for the day and will often overcompensate the next day to make up for it.

It's like every day I have a checklist, some of it is routine and some of it is specific to that day (mostly from work) but everyday there's something and today was a good day because I got a lot of items done.  The weekend was awesome because I scratched off a lot of to do items from my hand written note despite the bits of drama that came with it but that's another story.

And today knowing I successfully followed up on documentation with the house paperwork.  I feel as though I've reached a point where I'm on standby mode awaiting further instruction.

At any rate I'm pretty excited to read more of my results later today or this week.

So the not so good things that's occurred-

Earlier this year someone mysteriously smashed in the laptop I used to do most of my writing on which had put a hinderance to that but no biggie, I had another laptop to use that I could at least access Google Docs with.  Well my niece dropped that one on Sunday and it hasn't come back on since :(

I had actually JUST made the final payment to Best Buy on it a couple weeks back so I'll probably have to shop around or see about getting one (or both fixed).

Yesterday I was having a pretty good day as well, given the surprise I'd been nominated as team member of the month.  So I thought I'd order out since I left work late only to get a plethora of calls that my grandma was on the floor at the apartment :( :( :(

Not fun times but my sister came over and helped me get her up but it did put a damper on the day.

Aside from that I'm hoping to make some more plot points for one of my novels that I had an idea about this morning.  AND try to get another short story posted soon.