Monday, May 2, 2016

May Resolution Update and MD REVISIONS COMPLETE (2nd Draft)

Before I get into the update just have to give myself a pat on the back for sticking to my revised/extended deadline to get through revisions for MD.  It was not easy and every time I thought I didn't have much longer to go something would happen to hang me up.  But yesterday I hit my 5/1 target for draft 2.2 and it feels good.  Planning to step away for a bit, find some brave souls to read it and try to feed my brain with some other works. 

I screamed a tiny bit when I hit the end yesterday.  My attempt to contain the thrill I felt.  At any rate without further ado...

New month, woo hoo!  Also time for a check in on the progress of my resolutions.  Doing well in some areas and slacking in others. 

1. Complete the revision for another novel (TYW or OTTM/TMO) - In Progress... So I finished the revision of MD but I didn't list it here so me thinks maybe I didn't want to count it... which sucks now, lol
2. Complete the first draft for an open project (i.e. the revenge deity story, faux immortality story, porch story, or mistress for hire)
3. Aim for 10 - 15k / per month (daily goal will be 500) - In Progress
4. Pay off 2 additional debts (most likely two credit cards) - - COMPLETE - Chase & PricelineRV
5. Self publish a work  - In Progress... Thinking it'll be MD
6. Write 15 short stories - 2/of 15 Making this red since I'm behind
7. Visit/travel to a new place
8. Learn something new (tap class, 10 Mandarin character/per mth, or ...) - In Progress...Still trying to learn to skate even though I'm still traumatized from the March incident
9. Read 40 books - In Progress... 15 of 40 so far
10. Watch 10 new movies (half while still in theaters) - DONE!  It's been a movie watching sort of year.  I've seen - "The Peanuts Movie", "The Fifth Wave"', "How to be Single", "Deadpool", "London Has Fallen", "10 Cloverfield Lane", "Miracles From Heaven", "and "Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice" (twice), "The Jungle Book", "The Boss", and "The Barbershop"