Thursday, May 21, 2015

When you think you have extra time...

Oh this week... this week... this week...

Well my writer brain has been very ON this week.  As in seeing things and making connections for stories, mostly ideas as they relate to TYW and one big item was realizing that a scene I dreamt earlier this week, and the mysterious character was a potential tie in for one of the big picture ideas for TYW.  A big picture idea that I hadn't realized until I thought more about who this new character was and how they might fit into the story.  I'm still putting the pieces together but I think if I ever expanded TYW into a series or figured out a way to rework the first draft (making it turn into a larger book) I'd include this character AND probably include one of the final scenes I had thought to write but scrapped at the end.  It's a scene my mind keeps coming back to time and time again but it seemed so random to add at the time but with this new scene in mind, it doesn't seem so random anymore.

I think the reason this is all making sense now because of the dream but also because I always remember this advice I've seen others writers suggest and that's combining ideas.  I had the idea for the TYW years ago.  Around the same time I believe I also had another idea, which seemed random and I never got very far with it, just some scenes, but now when I think about those scenes I can see them happening with Folly as the backdrop.  Folly is the world within TYW.  So hopefully tonight I'm going to try to free write/expand a bit on these two and write more about who I suspect this new character is and their significance to the story overall. 

Besides TYW ideas sparking from just observing the world around me, I also heard this character voice this morning while getting dressed and it was bugging me on the morning commute then it hit me.  And I started working out who it was and why it was they were saying what they'd been saying, jotted this one down as something related to L&P, the revenge deity story.  So I'm very excited how my mind has been going this week and it's definitely coming at a time where I can use the distraction/getting lost in my own stories. 

Given my work week with the various fires after the release with my projects I sought to shoot out of work early since we worked the release last Friday until 3am!  Then I worked a bit on the weekend AND I took Monday off but I still had to sign on for issues with one of my project teams.  So today not realizing it was going to be as quiet as it was I got the okay from my manager to leave early, went to the library with the intention of reading/writing and thought I was stealing some time for myself only for that to go down the drain :(

Tomorrow I'm going to be prepared.  I plan on packing either my MD or TYW binder and heading to the library or a coffee shop for a solid hour of quiet time at least before I pick up my niece from school. 

At any rate off to work on one of these ideas. Or maybe I might read.  Or nap.  Still a wee bit tired. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Finding where to start...

Today was an emotional and physically draining day.  Not planning to get into it much more than that, I keep thinking I might post more what my life has become and in essence what my 'normal' is. 

But instead I will note that I did go see another house today.  My grandfather saw this one with me.  It's one I checked out last month during an open house  I also had intended to have my grandma see it today but after dropping her this morning I figured I'd rather not bother her about checking it out.  I also mentally decided to do something but I'm not sure how far I'll get with actually seeing that through. 

However after all is said and done last night I collected my MD material.  I also took a glance at my TYW material and though I'd given up on trying to revise MD, I'm a glutton for punishment and can't just let it go.  So my bed is currently covered in notes, both drafts of MD, multiple notebooks that I've captured stuff in at one point of time, beat sheets, beat sheet examples, scene outlines, novel outlines, pep talks, journal entries and some random things (such as an application and my niece's fieldtrip form for the zoo). 

It's almost 10 here and I'm not sure how far I'll get but I feel good being surrounded in this mess.  I was anxious to get lost in my mind today and now that everything is out, semi-organized I find myself wondering if I should just write the scene that's been tinkering in my mind though it's not fully fleshed out.  Keep rereading and making notes for the placement of items and the overall timeline.  Do some activities to get my mind going and brainstorm more or ... ... ...

I have my tunes playing.  I think that's a good place to start :)

And in unrelated news I decided to deactivate my fb acct tonight.  I think it'd been a long time coming since I hadn't really been using it and got a bit annoyed with all the messages.  I'm also thinking of finally investing in a new phone/new line.  I've had the same number since I was 15.  At the very least I need to put it in my name. 

Anywho, I'm off. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Weekend... Yay!

I really wanted to write more but I'm super tired and it's been quite the week.  A lot of just frustration and ache just sort of culminated yesterday but good came out of it, i.e. my grandma has been standing on her own over by the sink.  Not the best way but at least she's getting up and trying to find the right balance so there's that. 

I don't have much planned this weekend besides trying to read/finish a book and maybe work on MD since it's been on my brain.  I really want to reread Part 1.  I don't know how far I'll get given there's always something for me to do but given the forecast this weekend I'm thinking I won't be doing too much ripping/running.  I may try to look at one house this weekend that has a pool ***excited***  Though looking at a house on a rainy day doesn't excite me.  Reading on a rainy day on the other hand...

So I haven't had a weekend to do list in a while.  Mostly because I don't have the time to get online as much.  Between trying to stay atop of everything at work plus help/work with my grandma in her recovery, work with the niece, and my mom it is quite the juggling act and there's always a lot to remember.  Like I forgot yesterday was the parent's night to see The Lion King and my niece was quite upset when she noticed I wasn't there.  And I wanted to be there but I completely forgot that that was occurring yesterday.  I did have her try to reenact it once we got home but I know for her seeing me there was the biggie and a couple staff told me she cried when she saw I wasn't there :(

But you know, I felt bad about it and should've put a reminder on my calendar or something but at the end of the day I'm prone to make mistakes just because of the nature of all I've taken on.  Striving for perfection is my problem and trying to do it all but one thing I was able to walk away with this week is the direction.  For the longest time I've felt as though I were being pulled but between yesterday and today I've arrived to a realization.  Took a lot of mental fighting but it's one of those things where I've had the answer all along and basically a 'can't fight who you are'. 

Anywho, none of that might make sense so in short what I basically said is "Tis swift"  ^_^

Weekend To Do (before I jet off):
- Read 2-3 chapters of TROMD
- Revise SpaceShortStory
- Post said SpaceStory
- Watch "The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies"
- Work on one of my project for at least 30 minutes